Innovative Narcotics Recovery Equipment – NaRQ

NaRQ is a new system for recovering drugs swallowed for transportation. The international drugs trade is widely recognised as one of the most serious criminal issues facing global law enforcement.

Due to the vigilance of police and customs officials, the open transportation of drugs is on the wane. Instead, drugs mules conceal the narcotics, often by swallowing the banned substances. Recovery and processing of swallowed narcotics is an arduous and unpleasant tack, often associated with real risks to the health of officials. With NaRQ, such risks are eliminated.

NaRQ allows for a fully automated recovery of swallowed narcotics. The entire process is handled by the machine and can be monitored and recorded. Once the drugs are separated from the waste, NaRQ disinfects them to allow for safe and efficient handling.

Quite simply, NaRQ offers safer, more reliable recovery and processing of swallowed drugs for staff and suspects alike.