For a safer and more secure work
environment in the battle against drugs

NaRQ is a new system for discovering smuggled drugs

Drug smuggling is a global problem with far-reaching social and economic consequences. Drugs are often carried across national borders by smugglers who swallow them. Dealing with swallowed drugs has been both a difficult and an unpleasant problem, often with major health risks for staff at prisons, airports and border crossings. With NaRQ, these risks are minimized.


Innovative toilet system improves the work environment at correctional facilities

Drug smuggling and dealing with the evidence afterwards is a major problem for prison and customs officers...

– a smoother process

One of the system’s major advantages is that it streamlines the process to just three steps.

The drug ecosystem ultimately affects us all

Smugglers, gangsters, addicts and occasional party users – all are affected...

About us

A passion for safety and security since 1969

Safety and security are central elements of Danfo’s offering, and have been ever since we began developing toilets for use in public settings in 1969. With planning, design and a focus on sustainability, we lay the ground for safe, secure, accessible toilet visits.


Is NaRQ right for your workplace?

NaRQ can be a major asset anywhere there is a need to investigate suspected crimes with the help of a toilet visit. Get in touch with us to find out how NaRQ can improve the work environment at your site