Innovative toilet system improves the work environment at correctional facilities

Drug smuggling and dealing with the evidence afterwards is a major problem for prison and customs officers. The NaRQ toilet system significantly improves the working environment of everybody involved in combating drug trafficking.

Drug smuggling across national boundaries and into prisons, psychiatric facilities and other institutions is increasing every year. The smugglers are ingenious. Swedish Customs finds drugs in bags, food packaging, sewn into clothes – and inside people’s bodies. The usual way of smuggling in the body is to swallow a drug package before going through customs and recover it later, on a visit to the toilet. With tighter controls and better intelligence, it has been possible to discover more smugglers, but the investigation that follows is still just as unpleasant and risky for staff as ever.  

Now Danfo is offering an innovative solution to the problem that not only makes combating drugs more effective, it also improves the working environment for staff who deal with smuggling day-to-day. The solution is called NaRQ, a toilet system with fully automated separation of waste from drugs. In contrast to the usual current approach involving manual handling, with NaRQ, your staff will never have to manually separate waste from drugs again.

The Swedish correctional system is in dire straits. Competent personnel with many years’ experience are resigning due to the worsening working environment and declining conditions, and the authorities are having a hard time recruiting new staff. There is talk of an overcrowding crisis, with shortages of both skills and manpower.

“NaRQ won’t solve all the problems, but it represents a big improvement of the working environment,” says Danfo Marketing and Sales Manager Jonathan Bogren.

Swedish public toilet manufacturer Danfo has always had a thing for safety and security. Their toilet buildings are designed to be situated as centrally as possible, reducing the risk of vandalism and crime. Materials, design, architecture – the approach to all of them puts safety and security at the forefront. Expanding the range from toilets for city and country to a system for use in the correctional system was not actually such a big step.

“Safety and security are our central issues at Danfo,” says Jonathan Bogren. “No-one should have to worry about their health and well-being at work. If NaRQ play a role in improving working conditions at Swedish prisons and border crossings, we’ll be proud.”